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Thursday, June 29th, 2017 3:57 AM

Getting 1/4 of Gigabit Speeds

I have a modest IT background and recently installed my home with a Velop router system. I have gigabit service and have the Arris NVG599 gateway. I have conducted speed tests on my Velop system which measures the raw speed from the gateway (606 Mbps at best; <550 at worst) and with the original router that came when we got U-Verse (same speed). The best signal I have ever gotten wirelessly on the Velop is 340 Mbps when my AC device is literally inches from the actual router. How can I (a) get as close to gigabit as possible wired and (b) provision my router to broadcast as close to ~80% of that signal as possible? 


Also, I do not have any other devices hardwired into the gateway and the wireless speed will often drop its max to sub 200 Mbps after a few minutes.




P.S. I have already restarted the gateway, put the gateway in bridge mode (made no difference), and factory reset the gateway.

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6 years ago



Can you tell us what speeds you receive on the AT&T router with the wireless disabled and only 1 wired device directly connected ( please make sure your router is disconnected as well as any other device to the AT&T router). 



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