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Wed, Nov 20, 2019 7:04 PM


Fixed Wireless Internet: High Packet Loss

I have just had Fixed Wireless installed at my residence.  Download and upload speeds look fine, but I am seeing significant packet loss (40% or more) in gaming, streaming, and in diagnostic traceroutes. 


Prior to starting Fixed Wireless service, I have been using my AT&T wireless phone as a hot spot, presumably using the same tower, with zero problems.  I suspect this is a problem with the route; what steps can I take to improve this?




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3 months ago

Hello @alphac57,

Since we don't control the routes taken by devices, the best thing to do in this scenario would be to try to optimize your internet speed by following the steps listed on our main website.

It's also best to not have any other devices while gaming on the network downloading, as this can also caused dropped packets.

Hope this helps!

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@ATTCares Any chance you could actually lay out the technical issues causing this problem? Ya know, instead of deflecting and suggesting we try troubleshooting steps most preschoolers are already aware of. Explain in detail why my modem has two private IP addresses and one public, explain why it was nessacary for you to set up the fixed wireless networks are set up as one big LAN network with all of us endusers behind a router owned and controlled by at&t at an unknown location, my guess is the cell tower.



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4 weeks ago

Your phone and your fixed wireless technically use the same tower, yes. However, they are on different frequencies from my understanding, the LTE used for cell phones is a lower frequency signal and fixed wireless LTE is at a much higher frequency. You will get NO help from AT&T regarding fixed wireless, the tech support either has no freaking clue what it is or they have been told to play dumb as to not reveal any real truths about the limits AT&T has placed on this service. It is corporate greed at its finest. I wouldn't have such an issue with the appalling service if they had plans to expand the preferable wired network, which I doubt will we ever see any new wire coming to rural areas and we will continue to be told it's not possible to get a DSL connection because the servers are 'full'. Facts are, people need internet for daily life now, they know this, we know this, they want money, they want to take our money while they spend as little as possible (even though the FCC gave them millions in grant money to expand rural internet services) while they milk us for as much as possible. At the end of the day, this is America and this is how things work around here. My best advice, either find or create a working modified firmware for your gateway or bug tech support every day (make sure you keep copies of any chat transcripts, so you can points out how often their bull(Edited per community guidelines) excuses change) until you have enough evidence that maybe the FCC will stop giving the president reach-arounds and do something about it. I forsee this reply being removed and myself being banned again, hopefully someone will get a chance to read this before it happens.