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Mon, Jan 30, 2012 12:04 AM

Disable WPS (WSC) on gateway 1701HG?

I can't find info on disabling "WPS" on our DSL gateway, now necessary for security.


THIS IS IMPORTANT to all WiFi users because of the recently disclosed security problem in the WPS protocol.  It should also be important to AT&T to prevent bad guys from intruding the users' accounts to possibly misuse the network.  WPS is reportedly enabled by default on nearly all current model wireless routers, so anyone with WiFi router in use should want to see information prominently posted about how to disable WPS.


We are using the 2Wire 1701HG gateway/ wireless router supplied by AT&T several years ago, which performs well.  NO info about it is still on the web from the mfr.

Does this device support WPS ("Wireless protected setup") industry protocol?  (It may also be called WSC for "wi-fi secure config," or similar names.)   IF it uses WPS,  how can we disable that??


(To understand more, search for GRC and WPS to find podcast 337 and listen carefully toward the end.)






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The 2Wire model you provided does not utilize the WPS protocol. Our newer models do use the WPS protocol, depending on the modem the WPS function is disabled by default. If you have issues connecting we actually have an article on how to turn it off < > . We are also working on a firmware update for any Pace 2701 modems that will be delivered soon. AT&T is very adamant about making sure our members' wireless networks are secure. This is why out of the box our modem/routers come with wireless security always setup.


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