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Monday, February 23rd, 2015 6:36 PM

Changing settings (SSID, security key, etc.) for i38HG ... should be so simple ... but?

I haven't touched the ATT setup due to domestic dispute about who to go with for this service, so it was installed without my oversight, and now I'm going back to clean it up.


I have ...

Downstairs: NVG589 main "router", broadcasting SSID "ATT8#######"

Upstairs: i38hg 2Wire Access Point (box is labeled gateway), broadcasting SSID "2WIRE###", ATT support insisted on calling this an extender. 


1. Login to NVG589 admin page at and easily change SSID, Security, Key, etc. ... simple industry standard stuff.  Takes 10 seconds.


2. Locate the i38hG dynamic IP address ( from the NVG589 page listing showing connected devices.


3. Attempt to login to i38hg admin page at, get an Arris sign-in page with an ugly login in page.  Attempt industry standard (and suggestion in manual) "admin" user name and "password" password with no success.


Is the Arris page the admin login for the i38hg?  If so, where do you find the user name and password?


If not, how to you login to the i38hg admin page to change SSID, Security, and Security Key?


Maybe the term "extender" is something important or propietary to ATT, as the i38hg might be something other than a standard router in bridge mode as I'm expecting?


And standard ATT support said they couldn't handle multiple device support on the phone (extender, etc.), they didn't even have a record that I had the i38hg, argued that I only had one device, then they sent me to connect tech at 866-294-3464 or something, which wanted a fee, really?  This stuff is baby drool simple, what's going on here and why has a 20 second task turned into 1 hour so far.




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9 years ago

Reminds me of the conversation I had with someone who was [apparently] a premise tech who [apparently] did this sort of thing and was on here trying to find out a way to configure the i38HG in this arrangement.


Got all huffy when I said it wasn't a supported configuration.  It was only later that he, in a round about way, stated that he was a PT.




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9 years ago

Wow, well I guess I learned my lesson, and what's weird, these guys installed this over my cable modem setup with my Linksys already upstairs, they had to unplug it, and move it to put in the i38HG?  If I was there I simply would have configured my Linksys as a bridge to 589, and been done in 10 seconds. 


The dude wasn't capable enough to notice it, he had to unplug it?  And who doesn't know how to configure netgear and linksys routers?  He could have even set it up himself in 10 seconds?  Or, could have simply said to my wife that you're set, just setup your Linksys like you did before as a bridge (whole house dual wired so easy to bridge from any room).


Oh well, thanks for the scoop, seems like ATT Support should be prepared for this if installers are doing it periodically.  "Oh, you have that setup, well, here's the scoop., etc."



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