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Saturday, January 24th, 2015 7:19 PM

Can you use another internet service with U-verse Voice?

I signed up for one year of discounted U-verse internet, but now the deal has expired and the price will go back to the regular price. I know of a company that offers standalone DSL. I know that U-verse uses fiber optic technology, so that's why I'm asking this question. Is it possible to sign up for that other DSL service while still having U-verse Voice on my phone? 



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9 years ago

I think that there is nothing wrong with your posts or any replies. This thread is probably THE most complicated subject ever addressed in this forum.


The forum is not a very efficient format for communicating. It starts with - the OPs have all different levels of knowledge & may or may not describe the situation accurately. but the OP knows exactly what the situation is & the specific issue they would like specifically answered. The reply posts (is that an RP?) are just as varied - sometimes there are one word or one sentence replies. Others try to cover every possibility because it is inpossible to know the specifics of this instance. And, it is all based on the repliers previous experiences. Not necessarily cut and dried technical (or broader)  knowledge.


I think this case has no hard answers, only possibilities to be explored.


Your technical descriptions are pretty accurate. Beyond what I would like to understand. The problem is that a small difference can cause a mismatch that cannot be overcome. Ever buy a car part that was supposed to be a replacement & it turns out not to be? It happens to mechanics, too. You just don't see it.


Reminds me of when I was delivering car parts (The mechanics called every car they were working on [even a Ferrari] a {Good for Nothing term not allowed}. But, I digress). The mechanic was obviously under the gun and concerned that the new clutch plate was the correct one. When it did not match up with the old one he exploded. He did calm down when I turned it over & it matched.


The side of this that none of us really know is the regulatory side. Once upon a time, it was easy  - everything was att. But, it is different now. Choices make life more complicated.


On copper, att owns the loop & the loop hole (pun intended) for othe providers is to take over ownership of just your loop. How does that apply to fiber?  I don't know.


att has franchise responsibility to provide POTS to an area. I can guess that it matters not whether that service is analog or digital. But, choosing u-verse voice is a free market choice not a regulated service. So, the two may look technically the same, but be worlds apart in application.


My objective here is to bring up the things that make this complicated so you can consider them as you figure out what you can do. No one on this forum can provide cut and tried answers.

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