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Tue, Jun 30, 2020 2:13 AM

BGW210 subneting

Is their a way I can put my 

BGW210  on the same subnet as my personal router?  With only one open port available on it I am using a switch and a router behind it and some reason the router wont work directly with the BGW210  but it will work fine if its behind a switch go figure. So I have one device on the BGW210  subnet but not on the same network as the rest so I want them to be combined together  for easier access. 


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1 y ago

Good morning @silencer273,


We take it that you are trying to increase the number of available ethernet ports on the BGW by using a switch and an additional router that is not showing up on the same subnet and we want to try to help you out.


The secondary router appears to be in conflict when connected directly to the BGW, probably because it is trying to run its own IP assignments. What you can do is set the secondary router into an Access Point, disable the DHCP function and configure the subnet to match the BGW's subnet. You might still have an issue with accessing devices across the network so you might enable guest network in the BGW and allow access to the LAN and not just the internet. We have seen where that has helped. Also check to make sure any Windows 10 machines are set with the network marked as private instead of public has helped another user accessing his device across the network.


Please let us know if this helps.


Thank you,

RoyN, AT&T Community Specialist



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