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Thursday, January 15th, 2015 7:38 PM


ATT and Segwick ins are acting in bad faith

this is my last resort and a cry for help;

some time ago i had att techs cause great damage to my house whilst installing service; 

amongst other things, ceiling was broken, leaks, and installation not to code..

i have been getting a run around from segwick for over a year

please, i would like  to share my horror story with this community and hopefully get help in resolving this



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9 years ago

@nelinegrea Contact ATT Customer Care on the link in my signature.

Send them a private message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your damage problems. They are available M-F 8am-11pm Eastern time (also around on weekends), response may take up to 2 business days.

This is not the regular CS/TS phone people, but the social media Community Specialists that know the people to contact to get things done.

Include your account #, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right on every page, for their reply. Good luck 😉



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9 years ago

Hello, nelinegrea!


Thanks for posting. We have received your private message and look forward to working with you to find a resolution.





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9 years ago

Marianna, Thank you very much for your reply!!!
here is what ATT Uverse did to me and to add insult to injury i have been
treated by both ATT and Segwick;

AT&T Uverse Cable Installation

Account # ***

Neli ***

Statement of Facts

1. Wednesday - 6/5 I called in to get a repair service for Internet.
Spoke with Melinda in Uverse Cancellation Department, to retain me as a
customer, she sold me new service.

1. Neighbors had Uverse installed on Saturday 6/15/13 and on Sunday
6/16/13 I scheduled my installation date, but the installers showed up in
Vlisalia, my parents home. The order was placed under the wrong account #.
It was put under: ***, which is my parents home. When we realized
this, I called to correct it right away. I needed someone to come out right
away. They did send Jolie *** the same day. She came to my home on Sunday
6/16/13. She worked ONLY on the Internet portion of the house. She tested
lines etc. Installed a new box and says that it must have been the power
supply to my old box that went out. Installed a new box. We tested the
connection a couple of times until she was comfortable, then we lost the
connection again. She ran out to her truck to get another new box.
Installed that and tested the connection again until she was comfortable
again. Then, she said everything was ok and that I would get ANOTHER new
box when the installation takes place on 6/22/13. I agreed. She gave me her
card and had notes on it – mentioned that I MUST ask for the installers of
the cable Uverse to Ground the Internet box because it wasn’t originally
grounded and she didn’t ground it herself.

1. Saturday 6/22/13 – Cable installation day. At 1pm (my window for
service was 11a-1p) Juan *** came over, first thing he says is I think
we’re going to have a problem because my location is too far from the fiber
optic signal available in my area and he doesn’t have a compatible box or
router in his truck. So I show him around anyway and he says that he will
make some notes. I asked that if they do the install to please move the
boxes from their current location to a little higher on my back wall, so
they are not effected by weather and/or stucco work that will be done on
the house in the future. Last thing we talk about is him revising the order
so they can try to come back to do the install on Monday 6/24/13. Says he
would note the system about moving the box and to not expect him again
until 6/24/13. No attic access. I agree. He leaves. Last thing he asked me
was something about my car and how much it was to get the sunroof package –
totally unrelated. Got me uncomfortable. He asked me about how much my car
costs - says he has one just like it etc. and wants to know how much I
paid. I told him I don’t know. Very strange, totally unrelated.

1. Saturday 6/22/13 – SAME DAY around 3pm – Someone AT&T guy knocks on
the door with a huge ladder, I was not expecting anyone until Monday
6/24/13 as Juan in #3 advised me. He doesn’t tell me why he’s here; he’s
abrupt, short and is on a mission to access the pole outside. I asked him
if he was here to do the install, he says no, he has nothing to do with
that. He demanded access to the backyard so I lead him through the side
gate of my home, to the backyard; he climbs the pole, says nothing to me
about it…and leaves ½ hr later.

Saturday 6/22/13 – the SAME DAY at 5:45pm Jose *** comes to my
property unannounced. We have now seen 2 additional people that we were NOT
expecting that have arrived to the home. I went on with my day, my mom is
watching baby, totally unprepared for his arrival, my husband doesn’t know
what’s going on or that any one else is coming to the house. Jose proceeds
to mount the new bigger box, pounding away at the stucco on our home, under
the carport. When I arrive to the house I see a HUGE AT&T box located in a
terrible location on the side of my home, next to the kitchen window. VERY

I asked him to place the box higher up so it’s not quite as noticeable. He
takes his ladder out of his truck, props it up to the side of the house and
proceeds to climb up – *TO THE ATTIC.* He removed the screen that covers
the attic access - says nothing to anyone about anything – just starts
working and pounding away. He puts anchors in my wall, drilling etc. Jose
was the ONLY SINGLE ONE PERSON that has accessed my attic during this
entire process. He gets very frustrated, says he’s confused as to what we
actually need and says the order is all messed up in the system.

Then, he comes back to the house *ACCESSING THE ATTIC AGAIN* only this
time, my husband, my mother, my child and I were in the house and could
hear a lot of thumping and noises coming from the attic. Jose *DID* access
the attic multiple times while we were all present. I, my husband, my
mother, my child and I *ALL *saw him climb up, back down, and heard him
while he was *IN THE ATTIC.*

After hearing many sounds, pipes knocking around, footsteps etc. from the
attic, I proceeded to go see if he needed any help or to check in on the
situation. I didn’t get the feeling that he knew what he was doing, so I
wanted to be closer.

When he came back down the ladder this final time, he brushed off the dust
and *TELLS ME* that this was a job that was better to be done at another
time with a “smaller” guy because he had trouble accessing everything “up
there”. Jose was a 6’2 or 6’3 tall big guy, and getting the proper access
that he needed was a problem. *HE VERBALLY TOLD ME THIS* and I can confirm
that there was a lot of commotion going on, he confirmed too that the attic
was “too tight” when he was moving around up in that “tight space”. He
said he will definitely have to bring another “smaller” guy with him to
access the attic a little better because he’s “too big to get around up
there.” This is AFTER he was already up there for 25minutes, bobbing around
and making noises.

He takes another walk around the property with me and tells me that he’s
not finished with the installation but will be back on Monday 6/24/13
personally, with the smaller guy to finish the install and move that box.
Tells me that everything will be taken care of by himself personally and
that now you only have to deal with me

He says he gets in to Glendale office at 9am. I will be here first thing
Monday 6/24/13 at 11am.

1. Monday 6/24/13– BRAND NEW INSTALLER knocks at the door. At 9am sharp.
NOT Jose that I was expecting based on information on #5. Jeremy ***
tells me that he’s here to install cable. I told him that I was expecting
Jose and maybe we should wait for him we are outside for a few minutes
while he confirms; he types away on his iPad and finally confirms that his
manager and Jeremy tells me that it will be him to complete the
installation. I then agree to give him a walk through so he can start. He
understands everything that was done, understanding what remains to be
completed and starts the job.

Then, around 11am, he says the Internet is going to go down, told me it
would be 15 minutes. 3 Hours Later, he tells me that we have another
issue. Says we are not getting a signal and that he needs to step away for
a few minutes to the main box down the street I agree…he comes back 1.5
hours later.

FIRST thing he says is, wow, “the previous guy totally messed up your
order”. I was starting to get frustrated as I work from home and now my
day has been completely effected by the loss of an Internet signal. 4.5
hours of no work.

He comes back - says he has everything worked out now and we should be up
and running soon. He moved the box and power supply higher, as I asked Jose
to do. He confirmed that Jose did a bad job with box placement. Jeremy
says, “why would he put it there.” Between 12:30 – 2pm he is all over the
house inside and out. He moved my boxes successfully higher, also didn’t
understand why Jolie didn’t ground the box herself.

Jeremy expressed feelings of incompetence of his colleagues. We had many
brief conversations. He was from Santa Clarita. Very nice. Says that
everything is done at 2:30pm. I took his card and asked for a manager’s
name. He wrote it on back of the card Will *** (new manager)

1. Friday 6/28/13 12:06pm it was the first day I turned on the air
conditioning *AFTER* the new Service was installed. *AFTER THE ATTIC WAS
ACCESSED.* Within minutes of the air conditioning unit being *ON*,
QUICKLY water was filling my home and my items started getting wet. Water
poured out from behind the TV, the outlet was completely flooded and my
living room was soaking wet. My Rug, all items that I have listed below. At
2:25pm my husband comes home from work, yelling my name, I was outside with
my daughter – he sees the damage and immediately yells for me – he shuts
down the AC unit because it’s water coming down from the attic. He quickly
runs around the house to try to see if there is a leak anywhere else and he
sees that my daughter’s room is completely leaking as well. Immediately we
see the entire celling in the room is wet, bubbles and leaking.

Since that day 6/28/13 – we have NOT used the AC unit until the damage was
discovered by a technician that gave us an estimate. Brandon at ServPro

Our AC Unit is A NEW unit – a 3-year-old system that was professionally
installed that we have used every year for both AC and heat without ANY
problems. We have used it before the installation for 3 years straight.
Season after season. Within days of AT&T technicians accessing my attic –
we have MAJOR water damage.

AT&T must take responsibility of all damage that was done here.

There were items RUINED due to this. There are WALLS that need to be
replaced and it’s not “healing” itself. WE MUST FIX and REPLACE all of
these items.

- Business Working Days effected with time off of work to accommodate
not only the installation but the many visits to our property as well from
AT&T, adjusters etc. From the day of the initial installation 6/28 - which
became a 2 day process - until now, when we got the latest estimate: 9/26 -
I have lost a total 85 work hours accommodate the many many people who have
been here to assess damage - walk the property etc. I work from home - My
home is an office 8+ hours a day and weekends.
- $10,200.00 ($120/hr)

- From 6/28 to 9/26 when Brandon (ServPro) came to access the attic and
fixed the pipe that caused all this damage...we had NO AC. Not at all! Not
a single day - in the middle of the summer with a BABY in the Valley!?!?!
Sleeping at night with fans blowing, sweating, crying baby, taking her to
friends and family’s home – seeking comfort, gas, mileage, diapers, food,
elderly grandparents, transporting toys, meal packing, clothing, laundry
- $8,550.00

- Quality of life has been impacted for family and extended family.
Smell of Mold present throughout the house
- $5,400

- TV Replacement cost - our TV is still flickering on occasion from the
damage. Maybe there's a short somewhere in the unit. Don't know how to fix
- $3,800.00

- Baby clothes and toys damaged
- $1,300.00

Personal Gucci baby bag Ruined.

- $2,500.00
- Mui Mui Sandals Runined.
- $246.00
- Rug Damage in Livingroom and Baby’s Room
- Living Room Rug $450.00
- Baby’s Room Rug $570.00


[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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9 years ago

These questions are from someone who had real damage from our Uverse intall and has dealt with Sedgewick successfully:


What do you think the installer did in the attic?   Did he somehow detach the condensation drain pipe from your AC?  There's no way that much water came from your AC drain "within minutes of turning on the AC".


What has been Sedgewick's interaction with you?  Did you file a claim IMMEDIATELY?   You've been dealing with this since 6/2013? 


You say the AC is only 3 years old but then say you haven't used it since 2013 but then say you've use it "season after season". 




All of that being said.  I've dealt with Sedgewick.  The installer FELL THROUGH my garage ceiling during my install 7 years ago.  He filed a report which I signed.  I contacted Sedgewick.  Got estimates for the repair to the ceiling and the damage done to the hood of the new car.  I filed a REASONABLE claim.  They mailed a check. 


Which brings up my next question?  How did you know to contact Sedgewick? 


Sorry, but there are lots of things that don't add up (and you make $120 an hour?  Congratulations)



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9 years ago

Dear Skeeterintexas, thank you for your reply.

do you work for ATT? if you do, i would like your contact phone number and
/ or employee ID.
Congratulations on your success in dealing with Sedgewick, by the way, as i
have gotten nothing but bad faith, run around and an outright violation of
California ins code from them so far.
I thought that i have explained everything pretty clearly in my summary,
but let me answer your questions in order:

1. "What do you think the installer did in the attic? Did he somehow
detach the condensation drain pipe from your AC? There's no way that much
water came from your AC drain "within minutes of turning on the AC". "

The installer has clearly dislodged the pipe and the pump unit. He has also
damaged my ceiling and the lights by carelessly stomping and shaking. From
all the cursing in Spanish it felt like he was almost going to fall through
in my living room, just like what happened to you... Mind you, this was in
the summer at the peak of California heat wave..
just FYI, even a small AC unit like the one i have will produce around 10
gallons of condensation.
may i send you the pictures?
with all due respect, You cannot state that "there is no way that that much
water came from the AC drain' without seeing what we are talking about !!!
Water was spilled in the attic and seeped through the wall causing damages
in the living room and my daughters bedroom. we live in a small house and
it doesn't take much.

2. I have never had any problems with my AC unit since its installation,
that is until ATT installers carelessly caused that damage.

3. I have filed a claim IMMEDIATELY after the incident, and ATT staff
initially Promiced to take full responsibility and apologized. They have
also told me to Not get an attorney involved, that it was not necessary and
that they will compensate me right away. Later, however they have referred
this to Sedgewick.

4. Please tell me, exactly WHAT " does not add up " , as you stated? I am
an owner of a woman owned Transportation business. I am in the trucking
business which i ran from home at that time so that i can take care of my
daughter, as i am a single mother.
This happened during a very busy time of the year, in case you are not
familiar with trucking.




[Edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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9 years ago

I do not work for ATT.

Sounds like you need to get an attorney.

Former Community Manager


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9 years ago


I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this subject. The topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.


Thank you,








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