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Sat, Jan 7, 2017 5:59 PM

Arris NVG589 battery backup

The Uverse equipment got upgraded some time ago to the Arris NVG589 modem. At the time, the technician swapping the equipment removed the separate battery backup unit previously provided, citing the new modem had an internal battery backup, making the giant box on the floor redundant. 
Three days ago, the Uverse system audibly "hiccupped" and we could hear several loud clicks. I did some troubleshooting on the website ( and was alerted that the battery was not charging or was missing. I called customer care and the CSR had me physically check the modem for the battery, except there isn't one. They can't order a battery so he ordered a new modem because if the power goes out, the Uverse system can stil have phone capability, but needs the battery for that to happen (and I need a wired phone). The replacement modem doesn't have a battery either. I called and a different CSR said this modem does not have one and if I wanted one, I could purchase it. 
I've gotten inconsistent information, and it's frustrating that equipment was removed if it was in fact needed, then I am told two different pieces of information about this modem and backup battery from two different CSRs. I also do not find much information that I can use to answer my question either. 
Now, if the first modem DID have the battery installed, when it was replaced, there was zero instruction to remove that battery and transfer it to the new replacement modem. So, if the original was supplied with the battery, that is long been sent back to AT&T already. I'm of the opinion that if they provide the equipment, and replace it, then either instructions should indicate to transfer the battery, or a replacement modem should be sent with a battery for it.
What is the correct information and where can I find it? 


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3 years ago

Since July 1st 2015 the company has not provided battery backup units (such as the Belkin) on new installs. The customer has always been responsible for replacement of both battery and backup unit on existing installs after the first original provided unit.


Since that time 18 months ago, if you desire a battery, you are responsible for purchase, installation, removal and disposal.

From section 6....

Battery Backup for WG.

It is your responsibility to provide your own battery backup. You may choose to purchase battery backup for your WG from third party manufacturers or retailers. For more information and minimum specifications visit also see Schedule 1, section IV, for more information on Power Outages and No Battery Backup.


AT&T will not provide support for, or be responsible for, ongoing maintenance or management of, customer-owned equipment, including the battery backup equipment used by AT&T customers. For more information and minimum specifications


This will cover recommend internal or external battery backups,!/u-verse-voice/KM1041593


Note: these have limited standby/run times before your phone service will not work. 

If desire a longer than 4-8 hours that the above would provide consider the following....

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3 years ago

My modem is from December 2014, and if the company provided battery backups at that time, should I have expected that there was supposed to be a battery in it?

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3 years ago

You are responsible for the internal BBU for the NVG589.  It is for your telephone service.  You don't have to put one in the compartment but if you want a BBU you must purchase it yourself.


I ordered mine HERE


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