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Thursday, June 30th, 2022 10:21 AM

Anyone know how to view event logs on the att gateway.

I have the bgw320 and am having an issue with my internet dropping and at the moment couldn’t find anything on a quick google search.

The att reps can’t find an issue and just want me to swap the Ont for a 3rd time and I’d rather not go through the hassle. When I ask if anything shows in the event log they seem to not understand what words I’m using.

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2 years ago

They don't understand words that aren't in their scripts.

The logs on the BGW320 are at on the Diagnostics tab under Logs.  But most of the time the info given there will only confirm what you're seeing, not really spell out exactly why it's happened.  But at least it's worth a shot.

In case you're actually asking them to check logs on their end then dream on.  They are so far removed from any place on their network that would show that sort of thing.

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2 years ago

We're here to assist with your event inquiry, @kyoto5!


What our ACE @tonydi mentioned is correct. You will need to view the link he provided and follow the steps. If you are able to see anything worth mentioning to us, let us know!


We look forward to hearing from you!


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1 year ago

The log mentioned by @tonydi  seems useless for what the OP asked for.  The OP mentions "am having an issue with my internet dropping" and is seeking event logs on the att gateway. The log that's available under the Diagnostics / Logs is the firewall log. It only shows the roughly last 200 attempts by hackers to break into the home network. The log does not show anything related to the internet dropping. My previous router from AT&T was a Pace 5268AC which has several logs. One was the firewall log much like what the BGW320 shows.

The Pace router also had an Event Log which contained details about the broadband connection getting dropped and reestablished,
a System Log which focused on the VPN tunnels for the PPP connection, voice connections, etc. between the router and AT&T's servers,
and an Upgrade Log which listed the firmware updates. I'd be astonished if the BGW320 is not accumulating similar logs but how to we view them?

This morning I noticed a roughly three minute outage with the red blinking light. I was curious as to how often that happened and so started looking for an event or connection log on the BGW320. I also signed into myATT and looked at the router related stuff from that side. No joy.

The only thing I found was on the router under Broadband / Fiber Status where the Last Change field (third line down) is the number of seconds that the connection has been up. From that I was able to determine that the connection had been up since 8:07 this morning which is precisely when I observed the flashing red light go to flashing white and then solid white.

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9 months ago

I have the same issue as high-speed above. I have random dropouts with no clue what happened. I went through a painful process of learning how to set up a grafana loki in a docker container on a home lab machine, only to discover that the "logs" they provide are useless firewall messages. I know ATT techs can see more detail. I escalated a similar problem up the chain until some knowledgeable fellow told me he had connected to my router and that it was powering off regularly. He also made comments about the number of devices on the network because I have quite a few smart home devices connected via wifi.

He also turned out to be correct: the problem was on my end with a flaky battery backup power supply. I replaced that and ATT sent me a replacement router (that looked identical to the old one), which worked well for a couple months. I assume the issue isn't power related again, but I thought would get access to detailed logs to look for resets or some indication of what could cause the outages. 

Other than venting over the frustration of having an apparently purposely hobbled router and no option to replace it with a more functional one, I'm hoping somebody comes along and tells us they've found the trick to getting to the detailed logs that ATT most certainly has access to, at least when you get to a high enough support tier.

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