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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 9:15 AM

Wrong setup for a home network?

I originally did this because I wanted to play around with using a different router settings and with PiHoles and Xfinity DNS is locked down.

I also hoped that this would give better signal - the two routers using beacons at the opposite ends for each band, etc.

I have the second wifi router connected to the one of the router ports with a dedicated IP. I have two PiHoles on dedicated IPs, one of the Xfinity and one on the second router.

The second router is just an Archer C8, which was on clearance, and I mainly picked it up because it had a built in USB port and I could get to my music from the Roku.


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4 weeks ago

HI @LeonardoParker,


We are delighted to help.


The WAN IP, default gateway, and subnet mask the AT&T gateway is sharing are assigned to the gateway through DHCP. If AT&T gateway receives a different WAN IP, you will lose connectivity on your device until you manually update its settings. Using the DHCP-fixed option is recommended. 


We have some suggestions on our support article for configuring IP Passthrough and DMZ plus.


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