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Tue, May 20, 2014 11:00 PM

Wireless router fails to assign IP addresses

I have a UVerse router which originally supported TV and high-speed Internet.  We've dropped the TV.  The router system page says it's a PACE PLC 3800HGV-B:

Hardware Version


Software Version


The wireless worked well until about a week ago when I started getting the system freeze associated with the DHCP server failing to provide an IP address.  This is only happening on my wireless laptop at the moment.


Our system has 6 devices of which 3 are Ethernet connected - 2 desktop Win7 PCs and an HP printer.  I have a wireless Lenovo laptop, an Android phone (Motorola) and an Android tablet (Samsung).  We turn all the PCs and the laptop off at night; the printer and the Android devices usually just keep going.


I have some network background and I can't help noticing that the list of devices connected includes multiple separate "inactive" entries for the Ethernet boxes - apparently the DHCP has been issuing a new IP address to each PC every time it boots up.  I'd love to clear the device list and start over, preferably assigning static IPs to the wired devices; but the "Clear device list" button on the "Restart system" says only do this if Customer Care says to.  Has anyone tried this?  Seems to me that this has to be because the router is filling up the table with inactive IP assignments.  I've change the IPs on 2 of the wired devices to "fixed", we'll see if this helps.


I've read suggestions that I should put a wireless router inside the UVerse router; I tried that in 2011 when we got the setup and could not get it to work, but with help from tech support did get the UVerse WAP to work.


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6 years ago

Hi @hedera,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your U-verse router, but I will be glad to help. It does sound like the DHCP list is being exhausted due to the DHCP reservation of devices. You can definitely clear the device list or restart the system with no issues. If you are still having problems, try choosing the full factory reset option. Just a warning, doing a factory reset will erase any settings you have made on your router.


Let us know how it goes.


-David T

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6 years ago

I had tried restarting the router and it helped for a short time.  After setting 2 of the wired devices to fixed IPs and restarting the wireless service, I had no problems today, a good sign.  If and when I get the error again I'll clear the device list.  I'm waiting for the 3rd wired device to log on before I change its IP status to fixed.  


Thanks for the advice.  The number of "inactive" devices doesn't look any shorter today but it's really hard to tell because the system doesn't number them.



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4 years ago

Can not connect to the Internet. Error message is saying, "Wi-fi doesn't have a valid IP configuration. How do I fix this?

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