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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 7:16 PM


Any estimate as to when AT&T will have a wifi 7 modem/router?

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8 months ago

This is not a wireless issue. Moving to the internet forum

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8 months ago


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8 months ago

The first dual band gateway(s) were released 4th quarter 2015 (599, 5268) 

a 5GHz Wi-Fi is a short range, home networking system that operates in the five-gigahertz radio band. It's been around since 1999, but it became more popular when 802.11n home routers were released in 2009. Most Wi-Fi devices support it now. Wi-Fi primarily uses two frequency bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz

ATT first dual band was 6 years after home routers with 5 G available.

WIFI 6 was available late 2018 from some manufacturers, more readily in 2019… ATT released the BGW-320 4th quarter 2021, several years after common manufacturing available in the home.

The question when can expect ATT gateway with wifi 7, my estimate based upon previous releases would be (3) years after wifi 7 routers are common in the home.

edit… if desire Wi-Fi 7 need to do what others did in the past when wanting newer technology … purchase the router you want and place it behind your ATT gateway.

edit to edit….,avoid%20a%20WiFi%206%20router%3F

WiFi 7 products likely won't be available until mid 2023, so if you are unsatisfied with your WiFi performance, there is still time to enjoy an upgrade to the current WiFi standard. Check out the following links to learn more about the WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E . Should you avoid a WiFi 6 router?

Going with 2024 for common release, means ATT will likely be 2026 at earliest and more likely 2027..

As a side note, the 599 / 5268 releases late 2015 was right before ATT started their initial 4 year fiber deployment in 2016. Thus the early fiber users were these gateways as the BGW 210 was late 2017 making 2018 before fiber users likely started to receive this gateway. With end of current fiber buildout scheduled to end in 2025. Wi-Fi 7 gateways will likely be for next phase fiber buildout as I am personally expecting another (5) year fiber buildout (2026-2030) to complete the fiber upgrades for existing FTTN addresses currently receiving internet 25 to internet 100 along with any new greenfield construction during this time span.


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