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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 7:05 PM

wifi/ internet

i  have a work from home jog and it requires no wireless connection. What do i need to purchase to make sure the ethernet connects to the work computer?

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3 months ago

Hi @bbutler89. Thank you for reaching out, we hear you, and we'd be happy to assist.


For your concern we recommend that, you need to connect an Ethernet cable to your computer. The Ethernet port needs to be connected to a yellow socket on your computer and this will help you with wired internet connection which is required for your job.


If you don't have an Ethernet cable you can purchase it from any online shopping sites or at any major store that carries electronics, office supplies, or hardware. They may be listed as Category 5, 5e, or 6.


Hope this helps.


For further assistance feel free to contact us!

Mary, AT&T Community Forums Specialist.

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