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Thursday, December 15th, 2022 2:26 PM

Wifi Connectivity Issues

My wifi keeps going out, I’m constantly restarting/resetting the gateway. The white light is always flashing. Rinse and repeat. The device isn’t even 4 months old. 

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10 months ago

Hi there, jrrene7. We understand that your internet connection keeps going out. We can help you with that.


You have stated that you have restarted the AT&T equipment, which is the first step to resolve any internet concern, but the concern keeps coming back. Let's look at this deeper.


What we are going to do is move this conversation to the AT&T Direct Message space. You will see a chat icon, next to a bell icon, in the upper right portion of this thread, next to your Forums icon. Our next message will appear there.


If you do not see the next message right away, please log out of your Forums account and then back in or your can click in your browser's address bar and press F5 to refresh the page.


The reason why we are bringing this into a private conversation is, so we can take a remote look at your service to see where the root cause is.


Looking forward to speaking with you real soon.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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