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Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 6:34 AM

What should I do about this horrid service?

I've been forced to use At&t Uverse for as long as I can remember and it is absolutely not worth the price offered. Unfortunately At&t is the only service around. My bandwidth of incredibly smaller than the offered package with 80mb, only getting around 5. The service seems to be offline or constantly dropping way more than it is on. Consant DSL desync issues or IP configurations acting as if it cant find an available ip address (only have 4 devices connected). If any of these devices try doing anything at the same time the internet also drops connection as if the router side of the modem doesnt exist.

    As an avid internet user it is extremely frustrating. I've had multiple workers come to my home to try replacing lines or find out what's wrong. Tech support for adjusting options on the router settings, and even replaced the modem/router combo a few times. All of which have done absolutely nothing. So I'm writing this question/complaint to ask what others may have done in terms of changing services or having AT&T cooperate with you. As for the past few years it has been the worst internet I've ever used.

    This is the first time speaking up about it as I figured the company would probably never listen or care or give a more worthwhile attempt of helping me. Along with suggestions I would want this post to get a lot of thumbs up for the attention for AT&T to see. As from what I've viewed there are very few happy customers.

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5 years ago

Hi JosephDr,



The more devices connected the slower speeds will be. Each device connected shares a portion of your total speed? Wired and wireless speeds can differ?  We would like to investigate this for you!

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the envelope in the top right section of this page or click Forums Inbox. Locate the PM and reply to my message with the requested account details.

We look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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