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Thu, Jul 16, 2020 7:12 AM

What seems to be my problem? Internet Stops working at specific times

hello! so for the past week now my internet has been going in and out every few minutes making it completly useless starting from around 12:00 pm only to come back being stable at around 1:00 am. we called services, they gave us a new modem router, didnt work,they came and checked all the wires connected to the wifi box and nothing was wrong, another worker came the next day and went to see the big wooden pole thats connected to all the thick cables on the roof, said those where not the problem, said the problem was the Huge cabinet box a few streets down ours was too far and our internet wasnt getting good signal, He said we where a few hundred feet too far, i asked him "well why has my internet become unstable all of the sudden? it was working just fine for a few years now, what has changed?" he said he honestly had no idea. all he said they will come back in a few days and instead of it being one copper cable they will put TWO cables and maybe that way we will have a stronger connection. Im just here to ask do you guys think this will be the fix, or is there something else that might be a possibility, any thing helps guys thank you for reading!


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