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Friday, January 5th, 2024 7:48 AM

What router would be best to add to U-verse to make internet consistent?

We have a standard issue AT&T BGW210-700 U-verse router. It isn't our first. We have had trouble for a long time, and AT&T only replaced the last one because it didn't just drop signal, it reset all the settings randomly and the only way I was able to get back in and reestablish a connection was because the oldest computer in the house is connected by ethernet. The current router's 2.4 GHz radio works consistently enough that my son's computer and printer in his room don't have too much trouble. My regular PC, my tablet, and my husband's tablet prefer to connect via the 5GHz radio. The problem is, the radios drop randomly, and it is very disruptive. AT&T has been ZERO help with this, and they have had no suggestions as to how to make the signal reliable and consistent so our devices will not just connect but STAY connected. I tried disabling the 5GHz radio, but naturally the internet speed slowed to a crawl for ALL devices. We are theoretically supposed to be on the highest possible speed for our area. When the devices that drop reconnect, sometimes it's to 2.4 and sometimes to 5, and you can't ever tell which it's going to be or how long it will stay up.

I have been doing some reading, and wonder if getting a second router, then setting the original BGW210-700 to one band and the second router to another would help with connectivity, and if so, what second router would be best for the job. All I want is for the connection to not drop randomly and bring everything I'm doing to a screeching halt, sometimes as often as 15 to 20 minutes between drops. Of course, maintaining the speed we're supposed to be getting would be nice too, but I would consider that a bonus if we can eliminate the dropping problem.

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4 months ago


Literally any name brand WiFi mesh system will do.  A technical support person can’t make this (BGW210) dog hunt, the wifi in these gateways are simply poorly designed, cheap.  

Some points to note.  WiFi 5, which is the standard BGW210 supports, while very old at this point is fine for home use.  If you can find something like a Netgear Orbi RBK50, it will work just fine.  

Early this year the network industry is going to ratify the standard for WiFi 7.  This means all newer hardware will slowly move to support the new technology.  It also gives these networking companies an excuse to charge an exorbitant price for newer models with price tags exceeding the cost of a very good PC.  

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