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Wed, Aug 27, 2014 9:03 PM

Want to upgrade from Max Turbo to Power Tier (from 18 to 45 Mbps)

I have a FTTP connection installed in 2012.  A recent neighbor has a new home built in the last year and has 45 Mbps connection.  I can select the upgrade on the Uverse website, but am told by customer support that "that speed is not availible in my area".  



What can I do to get my neighbor's connection speed?





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7 y ago

He might be on FTTN, fiber to VRAD then copper connection, you are on FTTP, fiber to your pedestal.


Look thru these posts about other FTTP unable to get 45M: 😉



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6 y ago

It depends on the capacity in your area.  I'm FTTP as well, and the power tier just became available.  No hardware change is required (45 megabit is well within the range of BPON's total bandwidth.)


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