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Friday, May 8th, 2015 11:42 PM

U-Verse modem

Hello, i have a question for you all today. A tech just finished setting up service at a friends house and said "The NVG510 modem will not work on 6MBPS service, instead it would be reduced to 2MBPS." I wanted to by the NVG510 to get rid of the $7 a month charge. The modem AT&T gave us is the NVG589.

Why would the tech say that the NVG510 would slow my speeds? Is this true, because i have never hurd of this before. Or is the tech trying to be half tech, half sales man?

I just cannot figure this out.


Thanks, have a nice night.


Here is the product on Amazon:



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9 years ago

So, the accurate answer is that att has not installed any modems at flat rate since January. All modems are charged monthly rental.


I am not going to try to defend the tech, but I do picture him trying to get the job done right in the short time that mgmt allows while being bombarded with babble.

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