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Monday, October 9th, 2017 5:40 AM

U-verse KKMOON IP camera cannot connect to wifi on Pace 5268AC

I see other people are having connection problems with IP cameras, in my case I had the following issue which I believe other users reported, but never got a specific solution. 

After I switched to AT&T U-verse I had a problem connecting my KKMOON IP cameras to the 5268AC Wi-Fi.

The connection with the Ethernet cable worked fine without any issue, but when I tried to set up the Wi-Fi connection with the cameras to the AT&T gateway I kept getting the message "Failed to connect".

The same cameras were working fine on my old router Cisco Linksys WRT610N. 

After a few experiments I found out that these Chinese cameras could not handle a Wi-Fi passphrase that contained the equal sign "=" character. Unfortunately the default passphrase for the Wi-Fi 5268AC was set to 12 characters starting with 9x8=... and 8 more alphanumeric characters. 

So I changed the default passphrase in the 5268AC just replacing the  "="  with another alphanumeric character and after that I had no more issues with the Wi-Fi-cameras connection.

I suspect that the Chinese may have a wrong translation table for the special characters, so I would suggest to avoid those in the Wi-Fi passphrases or SSID's for all the users of Chinese cameras and perhaps other equipment that connects to Wi-Fi.

I hope this helps..




107 Messages

7 years ago

The problem I described is specifically related to the Wi-Fi passphrase characters that the KKMOON camera cannot handle, nothing to do with all the other steps that you suggest which were all fine in my case.

Once I changed the equal sign '=' in the default passphrase with a valid alphanumeric character everything worked fine.

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