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Wed, Jan 21, 2015 11:56 PM

Uverse gateway NVG589 frequently rebooting!

I have read many posts about this issue and mine still does it about once aweek, does any one know of any updates about this problem as it drives me crazy!  I am about ready to cancel all and go else where for my internet needs!




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4 years ago

I am having the same issues. It is very frustrating to be in the middle of something and it all goes away. Frustrating to the point that this long time AT&T customer will be looking elsewhere once my current obligation is completed.


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4 years ago

The most likely reasons why your Gateway might appear to be rebooting (after IPv6) are:

1) Power issues (bad UPS or surge supressor, brown outs, etc.)

2) Overheating (in enclosed space, poor ventalation, on heater vent)

3) RF Interference in home (appliances, 

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2 years ago

Interference got it stop using your microwave.  Sorry had to as it does interfere with wifi.  That said other than the refrigerator and the clock on the stove and microwave this will happen with no appliances running.  No, I am not unplugging the refrigerator to see if that is interfering.  I too have been having this issue for years.  More often when it's cold.  Most recently we finally had the bonded pair line fixed (it took 3 years) so I no longer have a permanent red light and I was so hoping that would fix the reboot issue but alas it has not.  We have had rewiring done outside and stuff replaced in the box on our property.  Our location moved within the box down the street.  There is only a 6-foot line (through the wall) from the box on the house to the router.   Yes, Ipv6 is turned off.