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Thu, Mar 7, 2013 1:38 AM

Uverse Freezes and looses signal often

I have had Uverse for 5 years now, for the first 4 years the system has work flawlessly. In the past 12 months my services has been terrible, it TV freezes, looses signal, etc. I have the gateway replaced 3 times, the DVR replaced 3 times. We have nit changed anything on the network, two tv cat 5, rest are coax. Internet/phone work great. 

In addition to the freezing, recorded shoes are often blocky, and unwatchable.


The last technician told my wife we are to far from the main hub??? We are in a new subdivision, believe it or not I am considering going back to Comcast at least then I could understand the problems, ATT Uverse has just degraded over time.


Can any one help Me, i a tired of installing boxes.




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5 years ago

Every night at 11:00pm religiously my Cisco connection freezes, and need to be reset. Initially my internet started with the problems of freezing, I was sent a new modem that kind of helped the issue.


I sought Tech support, and they eventually sent someone out. He went through all the inside wiring and said everything was fine. But at 11:00pm as always, it happened. 


I don't know what to do. 




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5 years ago

@BeJay236  Notice this is a 4-5 yr old thread?   Something's happening at 11pm every night somewhere by you.  Could be a neighbor doing something electrical and causing your Uverse to die.


Usually Tripp-Lite Isobar surge protectors can stop these things.


Sometimes techs even have these on their trucks.  Good luck 😉



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