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Tue, Jun 7, 2016 7:50 AM

Uverse Arris NVG599 router

Does anybody know what the latest firmware version is? I have 


Does the NVG599 update automatically? 



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4 years ago



I tried looking up that firmware for you and it seems like that's a newer firmware.


When there's a new update, yes, your NVG599 should update automatically. Sometimes it can be a little slow(a few days) to download/install an update, but it will usually update(typically overnight). Updates usually only happen once a year or so if I remember correctly.

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4 years ago

I have an AT&T 3800HGV-8 "brain"/router; we've had it for some time without problems, but lately the computer that we use that is probably about 45-50 feet away from the router has been often experiencing problems with staying online or sometimes slow to connect or navigate between websites.  Could it be that the router is getting "tired" and doesn't (wirelessly) send the signal that distance like it used to?


Is there a "signal booster" that can be attached to it to improve performance?  The computer that is about 10 feet away from the router doesn't generally experience these problems.  Does anyone know if AT&T will replace the modem at no cost (I believe I'm actually "renting" it)?


Thoughts, anyone?


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4 years ago

Hello @kengamelin33461,


I'm do not think your modem is getting tired.... But the wireless channel that its on could be congested. So if you can log in to the modem interface then you will be able to change it to try different channels. You could also try to elevate the modem if possible. It's basically a radio, and elevating it would give it a longer range with fewer obstructions. Or if possible you try to move the modem to a more central location. and if none of that works or is a viable solution then you could buy a wi-fi extender, which is basically just a repeater.


If you are paying the $7 a month then we would ship you a replacement if we feel that the modem is indeed defective.

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4 years ago

How do I log into the modem interface? And, to confirm, is my 3800HGV-8 technically an Arris NVG599?
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4 years ago

For uverse gateways with a connected device... Point browser (not search) to


On the side of gateway is make/model...

Some possibilities include 2WIRE 3600, 3800, 3801, 3812 with i38hg indoor unit

Motorola/Arris  510, 589, 599

Pace (bought out 2WIRE) 5031, 5168, 5268

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4 years ago

Im on 9.1.6h1d20, with my NVG 599.   Is this the latest?

How do you know its been udpated?

Can it be done manually?



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2 years ago

My router is showing -




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a year ago

My NVG599 shows a software version of 9.2.2h4d16. Can I presume that it includes mitigation for KRACK and any other known vulnerabilities in WPA2 that can be fixed without going to WPA3?


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a year ago

@mbNOW1 - 9.2.2h4d16 is the current firmware (att pushes updates on their own schedule) and no you cannot presume anything since att doesn't document what goes into their updates.


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