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Mon, Sep 29, 2014 3:12 AM

Using a Pre-Owned 2WIRE 3801HGV Gateway

I recently was given an AT&T U-Verse 2Wire 3801HGV Gateway from a friend who moved and wasn't going to be needing. It works fine, since I'd used it multiple times at his house, and never had problems. A few months back after obtaining the gateway, I moved back home where they have ATT Dsl with the little motorola modem. It's slow as crap and the cisco router ATT sent with it is absolutely terrible and continually shuts off for no reason. After dealing with this for a few months I decided to pull out the gateway I was given and plug it in, but it doesn't want to get internet connection at all. Everything is plugged in, all the lights come on, except the Broadband light, which flashes green, then flashes red and continually alternates back and forth between flashing red and flashing green. All my cables are brand new and in perfect working order. Is there anything, anyone can tell me so I can get back to having a fast AND stable connection? Cause if this keeps up, I'm just going to cancel my DSL and find someone else, even if it costs me more.


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6 years ago

Couple of things, first the 3801 is a leased RG, not a purchased unit like the 3600 and should have been returned to AT&T.

Second, the 3801 is still assigned to the original account, should not work on other Uverse accounts. For RG to function will need to be unassigned from account, how.... By either a swap (new RG on existing account releases the old RG... Cannot have two RGs on one account) or when RG is returned from closed account and refurbished.


Third,  not the original account.


Fouth , the 3801 is for VDSL circuits only, your small unit trying to replace is either ADSL or ADSL2+ if Uverse, in either case the VDSL 3801 will not work.

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6 years ago

Not quite sure what happened on my original post.


This is not true.  When I had Uverse I had to purchase the 3801 and when I moved I was instructed to return everything BUT the gateway. Uverse service is unavailable where I now live and I have AT&T DSL.  I only came across this posting because I too want to use the 3801HGV rather than the equipment sent to me.  The 3801 has a much better Wifi signal than the Netgear 7550.

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