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Thu, Jul 12, 2018 1:51 AM

Tech Support Complaints

I ordered ATT Uverse and Internet wireless 100 when I first moved into my new apartment June 4, 2018. After installation, I discovered that my internet speeds were similar to dial up speeds. My speed tests at speedtest.net were about 20-30 mps download. I contacted tech support who informed me that I was only given a 50 speed max modem. I asked for the 100 speed which I was advised would cost me an additional $10 a month based on the current promo but I still needed a tech to switch the modems. I had to wait 4 days only for the tech to call me hours before my appointment and advise that I had the correct modem and he canceled my appointment. I called tech support back and after an hour of troubleshooting, she stated I still needed the new 100 speed modem. That took another 5 days. The tech came and switched me out and had me up and running. The speed test was about 80 and the tech said that was normal for a 100 speed plan. He left. Over the next few days, both smart TVs kept losing the signal/weak signal and no picture. I could get the 3 rest circles on the box but then the modem seemed to die.


I called tech support again last Thursday and after about 90 minutes on the phone, and him dialing into my modem and claiming that my top speed of 42 was poor, he concluded that I needed a replacement modem. And due to errors on his end. He also suggested switching my TV to 25 and the internet to 75 to see if that helps with the signal. He did so and all of my devices were showing the 2.4 and not the 5G network. The tech was scheduled for Sunday at 4-8 pm. I worked until 3:30 pm and I work about 20 mins from my home. On Sunday, when I got off work, I checked my phone to see I had a missed call and voicemail around 3:20 pm. The message was from Ryan, the tech. He stated he was coming to my home early. I called in a panic. He answered and said that he got there about 3:30 (it was now 3:45). He said my roommate let him in and said the internet and cable was not working. I explained my roommate did not have all of the facts and that I thought the appointment was between 4 and 8. He said it was but he got there early and was about to leave because the TV turned on and 'his' phone worked with the internet. I asked him to wait and would be there in about 10 mins.


When I got there, he stated everything was in working order. I explained the issues and he stated he would not switch out the modem because, according to him, the phone tech had no clue what he was talking about (despite the tech stating he had worked there for 8 years) and that he cleared out all of the error codes so this tech could not verify anything. I asked about the weak signs. He said he accessed the TV downstairs; a smart TV that I was new and he stated he changed all of the settings on it. Gee thanks!


I showed him my smart TV in my room and that the phone tech had me plug the ethernet cable from the modem to the back of my TV for a true signal which was showing about 45 on the speed test. He laughed and said that will only help your Netflix. He was about to leave when I was like wait.I turned on the TV and showed him the weak/dropped signal and lack of picture. He went to his truck and got a new HDMI cable which seemed to help the TV issue but not my internet speeds on my computer or cell phone. He took my computer and said its because I have an older computer. (I got it less than a year ago, new). Next, he said it was probably due to my settings. He took my computer and began changing my power settings and then my Chrome extensions by closing out my password manager and my prevent mouse zoom settings. Now, I played dumb because I troubleshoot and fix PC computers for a side job. When I asked what he did, he said that it was something technical and no need to explain. Yeah, right.


Next, he ran the speed test again and said that I needed to change the server for a better signal. I switched it with him there and asked which server and the one he selected was even slower and he said it was because I chose the Charter/Spectrum server. He said choose another one and that each server will be different and that I just needed to play with it every time. There are like 40 something servers and I need to do this every time? What the Freak!


Well, here it is 3 days later and my speeds are averaging 15-25. I called tech support and after 2 hours last night, they said its the modem and it still needs switched out. They were in the process of scheduling when the phone disconnected. I called back about 4 hours later; and I asked the tech support person to schedule a tech to replace my modem. I said I was driving and didnt want to go through all of the tests. He said after looking at the notes, he couldnt schedule a tech without being able to justify based on the Sunday tech's notes. SERIOUSLY? He also said that the tech from Sunday put in his notes that the speed test showed 70. When?? And because of that, my 75 speed plan is accurate. I stated I was paying for 100 but the phone tech 2 weeks ago tried switching me from 100 internet to 75 and 25 for tv. I asked to have it switched back and he said he could not because my area only gets up to 75 not 100. I was confused. I asked what I was paying for, 75 or 100 and he said technically 100 but I am on a 75 plan. I asked to escalate the call to have the tech come out and he said that because he could not justify sending a tech out, then he could do a 'Dispatch On Demand' but that it comes with a fee. I asked how much and he said $149. I hung up.


I called back and asked for Billing. The woman confirmed that on 6/16 I was switched from the 50 to 100 plan which at the time there was a promo for only $10 more for $40 a month total internet. According to the billing rep, I am still at $40 but switched to 75 on 7/5. I asked if I was paying the 100 promo rate--yes. I asked why when I was switched to 75 my monthly bill didnt go down as well. She said, "Mr. Brenner, if I were in your shoes, I too would be upset but I am not and therefore, there is nothing I can do for you." I asked about making up the difference with my cable from the Family plan to the 200 channel and she said it would cost me $36.99 more a month.





I called back to complain about the local tech and billing, I was transferred to Customer Service, then to Billing, then to the Retention Department and then back to Billing. I finally hung up!!




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This does help somewhat but still dont get the tech over the phone telling me after every check that I need a new modem and then the tech showing up earlier than the appointment time; about to leave and if I was somehow inconveniencing him, then refusing to switch out the modem and blame the tech on the phone as not knowing anything; and then changing my settings on my TV and computer; and then telling me to go to speedtest.net and keep playing with all of the servers until I find one I like...so unprofessional and now wanting to charge me $149 to have a tech come out to replace the modem. 

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