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Wed, Jan 25, 2017 6:35 PM

Streaming Netflix Data usage

How much data should a 1 hour movie streamming from Netflix use?  My At&t homebase bill last month was almost a thousand dollars.  If this is going to continue I can rent movies cheaper.  I have never used this much data streamming with other methods of internet connections. Why does the "HomeBase" use so much data?  What can I do to reduce my usage when watching Netflix?


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4 years ago

Based on ATT's data calculator, 1 hr of streaming an HD show is equivalent to 2.5 GB.

Visit this link for more information:



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4 years ago

Thank you 😄

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4 years ago

" I have never used this much data streamming with other methods of internet connections"


The ATT Home base is for low usage application, not streaming....

Depending on your plan have either ....

Choose from one of these data plans, all with
Unlimited Talk*:

  • 25GB for $60/month
  • 50GB for $100/month


Compare this is legacy DSL 150G cap or Uverse internet 1T.

You could try watching Netflix in SD (1.5M) instead of HD (5.5M) to reduce your usage, SD is standard, lower picture quality especially noticeable if using flat screen TV. Not as bad if watching on s smaller tablet, laptop.


The usage calculator could be helpful... When choosing streaming video hours be sure to select HD as default settings is for SD viewing calculations...


Otherwise use the Home base for email, paying bills, etc and either do Netflix mailing of DVD or buy/rent DVDs.


Our community still has a Family Video store that use from time to time.

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