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Tue, Oct 6, 2015 5:51 PM

Solved the Battery Back-up issue forever!

My U-verse install is now 2 years 6 months, phone, i-net, tv.  At the not quite 2 year point I began to get the extremely annoying battery alarm.  Replaced the original battery (which btw, tested fine on a work bench, but I replaced it anyway with a same type 3rd party substitute, $26).  Less than 6 months later the alarm starts up again.  Did a full up battery test, including under load, and the battery is fine!  Now I'm irritated, getting false alarms.  Take the battery out, put it back, alarm free for about 4 days, then it starts again.  I solved the problem for good though, here's how:

1 - remove the battery, set aside

2 - unplug the power cord going to the power supply / battery back up unit (you will loose service for a bit, it will reset when finished

3 - use a torx type screw driver and remove the 4 screws, 2 on each side of the unit, at the top

4 - remove the top cover, you see a circuit board that occupies the area below the top cover, about center, near the side of the board, you will see a fairly large circular object, about 3/4" diameter, standing up from the board.  It has 2 silvery prongs going up from the circuit board that attach at about the top 1/3 of the object.  This is the infernal speaker that causes that dratted annoying alarm sound.

5 - simply take a screw driver, or even your fingers, and pop the 2 prongs away from the speaker, they just pop free, you can pull them away from the speaker cone, or even bend them almost flat, just don't push them down on the circuit board or allow them to touch any components.  They are easy to bend, but they are strong enough that they do not flap around. You could also clip them off if you want.  That's it, it will now be silent for ever!!  Who cares if the red light blinks, certainly not I.

6 - re-install the cover, put the 4 screws back in, put the batter back in, close it up, plug it in, let the system re-boot.  Chances are you will have 2 greens on the front panel, but in about 4 days the red light will start blinking again, but it will not make any sounds.


That's it.  You've still got the battery back up, you can maintain that as you like.  Blinking LED's I can easily ignore. 




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