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Sat, Jan 22, 2022 9:14 PM

Sent to collections

Very frustrated…. My family was finally hit by Covid in September of last year, which is no excuse. Also I previously had signed up for the emergency benefits of internet through my kids school, I was approved and per the letter if you have service already it would no be covered at 100% until funding ran out, even have confirmation # from ebb, which was a relief with everything going on, one less bill to deal with i said. October next kid sick ok, then I got sick was hospitalized the hep I had dealing with bills was struggling with no help from me then they die of Covid I’m hospitalized still, I get home just now able to go to work getting back together finally home and call at&t due to no service at that point inform me I no longer have account with them and ebb was taking transferred and I should reapply, ask what I need to to do and they said contact collections to pay account  inform of situation and they said they were sorry but couldn’t return equipment due to being in collections they last month i aid for was oct per receipts, but can no longer access online, so I understand if people do not return things they owe for them but this has  only been 2 months without payment and no contact information I’m aware of  and been sending to collections and my credit score has dropped 127 points. Everyone is struggle you would think a little bit of understanding… I just don’t know what to do!!!


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Hi there, Ltice! Let's point you in the right direction to get this solved. 


We do understand about the effects that COVID has on the nation. We try to do our very best to assist all customers on a case-by-case basis when it comes to pandemic. 


The only thing that we can do here is, help with technical and billing concerns. Since your account, as you have stated, has been sent to collections, we are unable to assist here on the AT&T Community Forums.  


You will need to contact Collections at 1-800-288-2020. Based on the account, it should reroute you to our Collections Team. That team will be the best source for getting your concern resolved. 


We do understand that this is frustrating and we wish that we had a better answer for you, however Collections has control over the account and they will help the best that they can. 


Once settled, if you have any technical or billing concerns, you are more then welcome able to reach back out here. 


Thank you for using the AT&T Community Forums. 


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist 



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