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Sun, Jul 8, 2018 5:46 PM

Router Login

Router VEN501-AT. I have login info, how do I get to it to login?






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2 years ago

The VEN501-AT is an access point which you ethernet connect to your gateway (modem/router) that allows att wireless receivers to communicate with the dvr.  It is not something you log into.  It is the device your wireless receivers need to pair with.


If you want to access your gateway then you do that by using the gateway's url in your browser, i.e.,

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The WAP can be logged into. You just need the IP address and login info, which doesn't seem to be something you can easily find. Why would you need to login to the WAP? For instance, if your device is on a DFS Channel, you may experience interference from time to time due to it's reserved use for airport, weather stations, and government radars. These channels are expected to be rarely used and are chosen because none of your neighbors are using it. Yet, if a radar signal is detected, the WAP will stop the transmission of data frames on that channel (plus more). You can't change the WAP channel from your gateway, you can only do that from your WAP.

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