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Friday, October 10th, 2014 5:47 AM

Roku 3 Wireless Setup


How do I connect my Roku 3 to my U-verse network?

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9 years ago


Roku 3 Wireless Setup


 After getting a picture on your TV and pairing up the Roku with the Remote, you are ready to connect the Roku to your U-verse Internet… 

  • Select Continue when you arrive at the screen with the setup steps
  • Select Wireless or Wired network type on the following screen 
A) If you choose Wired , connect an Ethernet cable from the Roku to one of the (Yellow) Ethernet ports on the back of the gateway and you are done! You can proceed with your Roku recommended setup instructions. 


B) If you choose Wireless, please continue reading… 

  • Wait while the Roku finds your wireless network. Check the label with wireless network information found on the U-verse gateway. This will give you the SSID you will be connecting to. 



  Select your wireless network name also known as SSID from the list of network names found, example: 2WireXXX, or ATTXXX 

  • Enter your Wireless Network Key, refer back to the label found on your gateway with wireless network information  
  • Select Connect

Note: Use Show password to see entered characters 

  • If you see 3 green checks, you have successfully connected!


  •  If you see a Red X on this screen please continue reading…


 If the Red X indicates it failed to make a connection to your wireless network try some of the steps below… 

·        Verify the correct Wireless Network Key for your gateway was entered

·         Verify you are connecting to the correct SSID, check the label on the gateway

·        You may need to re-locate the U-verse gateway or Roku for best signal

·         Check out this thread for some helpful information to deal with wireless interference! How to Minimize Wireless Interference



If the Red X indicates it failed to make a connection to your local network, try some of the steps below… 

Check MAC Filtering

·       Disable MAC Filtering if it is enabled by accessing the gateway interface at (example shown for NVG589)

  • Select Home Network
  • Select MAC Filtering
  • Select Disabled from the dropdown
  • Save

·        If disabling MAC Filter is not an option due to your specific setup, you can ADD the Roku MAC address to the Whitelist

After accessing gateway interface

  • Select Home Network
  • Select MAC Filtering
  • Select Whitelist from the dropdown
  • Save



  • Select Roku from Device List or enter MAC address manually
  • Click Add after selections are made


If you are still unable to connect


·        Reboot the gateway by unplugging the power for 10 seconds and plug back in



If the Red X indicates it failed to make a connection to the Internet try some of the steps below… 

·        Test your Internet connections from a different device such as, a smart phone, laptop, or tablet

·        In some cases, it is best to use an Open DNS. Please Review

How to change the DNS server on the Motorola NVG589 router? 

This thread will offer details on how to setup your router behind the U-verse gateway and allow you to use preferred DNS settings for the Roku since the U-verse gateway and the Roku do not offer the ability to use preferred DNS settings unless you hardcode into each device.


Streaming Performance Notice

In many situations your Internet connection is shared with other devices in your home such as computers, gaming consoles, network hard drives, and other devices. If these devices are transferring large amounts of data across your network (such as, online gaming, large downloads or other video streaming sources), your sound and picture quality may be degraded.


Enjoy streaming with your Roku on your U-verse network!








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8 years ago

These steps did not resolve my issue - the roku 3 still "Can't connect to your local network". 

I've tried to connect both wired and wireless and they both get the error (codes 013.50 and 014.50 respectively).

I've also tried disabling network pings with the roku secret menu but it still doesn't work.

I tried my old roku 1 and it now has the same issue but never had an issue before.

Also, my laptop gets 'error 651' when trying to connect to a wired connection.

I think there's an issue with the router.




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7 years ago

My problem is the very first instance mentioned above.  I do not agree with the recommendation either with the signal strength being the issue either.  If the Roku box is "seeing" the network, then how is the signal strength an issue?  Can someone explain that?



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7 years ago




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6 years ago

we have a new computer;  I can get pureflix movies on computer, but the sound will not come on the tv movies from pureflix   we use Roku       it muist conndect as we can get the movie, but no sound.     any suggestions a?      all we did was get rid of laptop and get a desktop all in one wireless. 



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5 years ago

My Roku device will not accept my wireless password, what can I do ?



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4 years ago

I just got my internet equipment and I can't connect to my roku or lap top or id pad not sure what I am doing wrong help

New Member


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3 years ago

The Roku problem. Is the same with the fiber system. System installed Friday. Would not connect Sunday. The automated customer service rebooted the system and the Roku came back. System down again Dec. 24, 2020. Called to have automated reboot. transferred to an "agent". Could not really understand her, accent and scratchy connection. She said she would have to transfer me to another agent she couldn't help. Just as bad with the next agent. Questioning staying with AT&T. I don't need U-verse.

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