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Friday, December 25th, 2015 3:43 AM

Recording from U-verse DVR to external DVD recorder.

Can anyone help me?


I want to copy recordings from my ATT U-verse DVR to an external DVD recorder for my personal library.


When I try to do this, many shows and movies (HBO, FX, and now some TCM movies) give me an error message.  I can copy them onto an external hard disk, but not a recordable DVD inserted in an external DVD recorder.  I am willing to purchase whatever I need to do this, but I need some specific guidance as I am not tech savvy.


Thank you in advance.




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8 years ago

@Noirist   Can't record DVDs because of copy protection against illegal recording.  DVD players are designed to follow the copy protection rules, that external drive is illegal recording as you have no authority to do it.  😉



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