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Question about VEN501 WAP Range

EDIT:  So, after some research, I need to revise my question (my original post is at the bottom)..  


   I have a mancave that I am building and running a couple of TVs.  I also have a wireless TV receiver that I was planning on using in that room, but the signal always seems weak and watching TV is spotty with tons of glitches and freezing.  My plan was to install an AirTie 4920 to boost my wireless signal, but I've since found that the wireless receivers run off of the VEN501 WAP.  I guess my question now becomes, how can I boost the signal for watching TV?  The room I'll be installing the receiver in is close to the VEN501 (maybe 30') and fairly clear line of site.  (VEN 501 is at back of my house, beside a window and the room I'm building is in my backyard, right near that window - the VEN501 and the receiver are separated by one window, 30' and then one wall).  I'm guessing the AirTie won't help with TV reception?   So - is there anything I can do to make that receiver work in that room?



Question about AirTie 4920 Compatibility


So, I have very weak signal in parts of my house and am currently building a man-cave that I'll be installing 2 TV's in.  I have a wireless cable box that I was going to use in that room, but my wireless signal in that room is spotty..  So - I've looked into purchasing this AirTie 4920 extender.  However, my old modem is a Pace 3801HGV (that I've read is not compatible with the AirTie) and my router is a VEN501.  It's taken me days of fighting with CS reps, but they've finally agreed to send me a new modem that should be compatible (I hope).  My questions though are: 


Will the new modem (that I pray will work with the AirTie) work with the current VEN501 router?  


Will that router work with the AirTie?  


It's my understanding that the extender receives the signal from the router and amplifies it?  If this is the case, and the AirTie isn't compatible with the 3801HGV, I'm just unsure that it will be able to "talk" to the VEN501..  Just curious if I need to get a new router as well?  I can't seem to get anyone at ATT to either understand the question, or they're almost unwilling to answer this.  Thanks


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As your building the area....

Just install cat5e or cat6 wiring rom gateway to mancave. Place a switch such as Netgear GS105 if need more than 1 hardwired connection. 


No wifi being used for receiver.

All the wireless receivers support ethernet connection.

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Just some ideas...


Might consider using powerline adapters to "wire" run wireless receiver as wired instead.  But the caveat here is there is no guarantee this will work since sometimes powerline adapters don't play nice with other equipment on the mains and vice versa.


Another experiment is to see if you can exchange the wireless receiver and it's WAP for a ISB7005 wireless receiver (assuming you don't already have that model) and  a VAP2500 WAP which I think is a better WAP than the VEN501.  Still no guarantees.


By the way I don't think the AirTies supports the wireless receivers.


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