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Sunday, October 19th, 2014 7:40 AM

PS-Vita on Motorola Model Number NVG589 || PSN™ Sign-In Failed

AT&T Service went down Wednesday.  There were other customers down in the area, so waited until Friday to request support.  Tech was available that evening, but couldn't replace my paired routers.   A Motorola Gateway (NOV589) was installed instead.  Unfortunately, service was not available but was promised for Saturday morning.


Service returned but not everything is working.  This post is focusing in an issue with connecting a PS-Vita (PCH-1000) to the Sony PSN™ Network.  


I am working through some references, and hope to find a solution.  This post is to provide a location for anyone else with difficulties connecting their PS-Vita to the PSN™ to post and/or reference.  When able, I'll respond with the steps I am attempting to successfully Sign-In.


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9 years ago

Hi @Maggard,


What errors are you getting when you try to sign in? You may just have to go to the configuration settings for your new router. To do so:


Go to (Settings) > [Start] > [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings], and then select the access point you use. You will need the information to connect to the access point (the SSID and security information such as the WEP key or WPA key).
After your system has connected to an access point one time, it will automatically connect to the access point in the future.


You can find the information for your network settings on the stickers on your U-verse router.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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