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Monday, June 30th, 2014 9:49 PM

PS3 + U-Verse = :( !!!


  Just "upgraded" to the 18mbs u-verse package and have not been able to play online since. There seems to be a MAJOR disconnect here. Rest of the house is running 15-18mbs steady, Playstation averages about 3mbs with like...500kbs upload speed.

  I have Googled this and have found no solutions, but I have found a LOT of frustrated posts much like this one. 

  Even when being physically plugged in, the PS3 is still capped (?) at 3 or 4 mbs. There were several people suggesting changing some DNS settings and those seemed to help in a very limited degree...for a short amount of time.


   Any solutions? No? Didn't think so...PROVE ME WRONG AT&T!!!

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9 years ago

Hi @Grumpy-Tyger,


I apologize about the issues you are having with your PS3. One thing to try is putting the PS3 in DMZ or passthrough mode. To do so:


If you have a NVG modem, you can follow the instructions here.

If you have a 2wire modem, you can follow the instructions here.


If you are still having problems, it may be worth trying to put a router behind our U-verse router and putting the PS3 behind it. 


Hope this helps.


-David T


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