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Tue, Jan 29, 2019 12:57 AM

Power Line down ... tech arrives without a bucket truck and reschedules

A tall truck ripped our AT&T line from the main lines on the street. I call on Friday, and AT&T Support said they couldn't send a tech until late today (Monday). I explained that the wires are ripped from the power poles asked if the tech could do that. She said yes. OK, so we're disconnected for the weekend. 


Today the tech arrives on time, but immediately says he has to reschedule because he doesn't have a bucket truck. They will get someone tomorrow, but I'm somewhat peeved that the information to get up to the wires wasn't passed on and created a delay and a wasted service call. How can this be avoided, or will the support never take the word of a customer and require someone to come out and declare, "Yep, the lines are down like the customer said and we need a bucket truck to come out on another service call." 


I can live with this, but it is so avoidable. I could upload pictures if they wanted.


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1 year ago

Tech support would dispatch Uverse tech, not core DSL/POTS tech that supports outside plant. Uverse techs can replace drop wire from pole to house providing pole is safe. 


In unsafe settings the Uverse tech creates a helper for outside tech with request for bucket... Not all outside techs have bucket trucks.


I have replaced drop wires going across busy streets... Get set up and call the cops to come close down the street for 15 minutes or more while drop is strung. 


California, Nevada Uverse techs may not be hanging drops due to union contract, but all other 19 states should be... providing safe environment to do so. Thus in 19 of 21 states a Uverse tech dispatch to replace drop or repair drop wire is the correct dispatch.

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