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Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 5:26 PM

Port Forwarding from Public Static IP: How?

I am trying to forward traffic from my public static IP to a selected, LAN-connected computer but can't figure out how to do it.

My Setup:

1. 6852ac RG

2. 8 static IPs purchased

3. 3 LAN-connected PCs with DHCP addresses

What I tried:

1. Added supplement network successfully

2. Created Firewall pinhole to one of my PCs successfully.

The above worked, but ONLY if I try to connect to my RG's public IP (as listed under Settings:Broadband:Current Internet Connection). No luck connecting to one of my static IPs.

When I created the pinhole, the RB never let me choose which address to create a pinhole in.

What am I missing here? Is this even possible.



1. I want to use one of my static IPs, connected to my registered domain, to forward traffic to one of my server machines by port  (e.g. mail server, web server,  custom server, etc). The servers run on different ports which may be on different machines. On many other routers I've used in the past, this was quite straightforward, but the 6852ac is more obtuse.

2. I want to use one of my static IPs because (I believe) the RGs IP is DHCPed and could change.

3. BTW, I tried using a Cisco router as a "cascaded router" but couldn't get that to work either.


I've been beating my head against the wall for over a week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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7 years ago

You do not "PORT FORWARD" to static addresses.  Port forwarding is for transiting through a NAT gateway at the NAT address (which you have seen).  The 5268ac only performs NAT on the primary "dynamic" address, static addresses are passed through (assuming the traffic otherwise passes any active filters).

When you set up a Supplemental Network, that tells the 5268ac, what traffic to pass through (unaltered).  Then you have to have a machine behind the 5268ac that is configured with that public static address and that offers the port.


BTW, the primary "dynamic" address can go years without changing.




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7 years ago

Well I got no replies so I guessed I was on my own. After a few more days of struggle, I think I came up with the answer. The answer is that what I want to do is NOT POSSIBLE with the 6852ac (although I would love to have someone tell me I'm wrong).


Again, what I want to do is route incoming traffic from one IP to multiple hosts on different ports.

Here's my thinking on WHY it is impossible:

To do this you must open a firewall pinhole. To open a pinhole you must first "select" the target host (and implicitly, its IP) and then open a pinhole for port(s). Fine and dandy but under this paradigm, you can only open pinhole(s) for the selected computer's IP and no others. Bad Router, Bad Router!


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