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Thursday, March 30th, 2023 2:26 AM

Paying over $60 For 15mb, when it's supposed to be "High Speed Internet"

​​​My family has been using AT&T for years, and I finally realized that you guys are quite literally scamming my family, like really now $60 for a measly 15mb? My cousin pays the same price at Verizon for 100mb, we might need to switch.​​​

​​​The Account number is (Edited as per​ community guidelines), I'd much prefer getting answers before I switch to what people call the better isp, but as long as I can fix this and the continous disconnection of the devices I might just stay, because I'm not paying $61 for internet, it's quite literally outrageous to scam loyal members of AT&T.​​​

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8 months ago

Likely you're getting the bandwidth that is available to you based on the length and quality of the wiring and the proximity of AT&T equipment to your home.  Until AT&T decides to put a fiber tap at the edge of your yard, things may not get any better.

Have you checked what is available? or log into your account and see if there are faster options?

15 Mbps seems like a strange service speed, though.  Are you sure about that?

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8 months ago

We're here to assist with your billing and connection concerns, @MAbbatatista!


Thank you for your help, @JefferMC!


Due to the nature of your concern, let's move this conversation into a direct message. This way we can access your account to find the root cause to your connections dropping and Internet speeds. Be on the lookout for a chat notification in the upper right-hand portion of the page, next to the bell icon.


We look forward to speaking with you!


CalebP, AT&T Community Specialist 

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