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Saturday, January 19th, 2019 12:13 PM

pairing a 4920 with a Netgear N300.

An ATT installer 'gave' me an air ties gratis to make the installation easier. That was when I was with Uverse. Now I'm a Roku/ Youtube tv paired with an old NG N300 Xfinity wifi pilgrim. If I just plug the air ties in I see it as a separate network (not useful?). I don't notice any effect on my wifi. I 'etherneted' the air ties to my N300 (saw that mentioned here, somewhere). I did the wps button push shuffle just 2 B thorough. The network (air ties) disappeared (progress?). Unfortunately, then, my wifi wouldn't connect. Any suggestions? My N300 works surprisingly well alone in my 2 story house. I'm now with Xfinity internet and that installer also saved time by setting up my N300 on the only remaining undisturbed previous Xfty outlet which was not a prime location for me. Is there a way to log in to the 4920 and muck with the settings?

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