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Sat, Apr 6, 2019 9:14 PM

Pace 5268AC router port forwarding for Amcrest DVR not working.

I have a Pace 5268AC and an Amcrest HDCVI DVR for a home security camera system. Before AT&T switched out my old router & gave me the Pace, I was able to remotely see my cameras. With the Pace router, I cannot see anything outside of the network. I've called AT&T twice to have them port forward the Pace - they say it has been port forwarded, but it does not work.  I run canyouseeme with negative results. I've called Amcrest support 3 times, but they do exactly the same things I've done & eventually they give up.  I've accessed my router via its IP address, attempted to create a pinhole through the firewall, & nothing. Have also accessed my DVR settings and changed all the HTTP, etc. port numbers - nothing. From reading various blogs and Googling this issue, it appears this Pace router cannot be port forwarded & does not support UPnP, as required by my Amcrest DVR, per its start guide. I followed another blogger's advise and put a NetGear switch between my DVR and the Pace router - worked for him, not for me.  I'm not technically knowledgeable to understand any of this. The stock AT&T support directions never appear to match my router, nor do they work.  Any ideas? Only next step is to consider buying my own router to replace the Pace & hope it works with my internet & Direct-TV. At a complete loss of ideas right now. $200 for 4 cameras and a DVR that I can't see remotely because of AT&T.


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