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Saturday, January 12th, 2019 5:56 PM

Pace 5268ac - delete inactive devices

How do I individually delete devices that are no longer active on my Pace 5268ac Gateway? 

If the only way is to reset the gateway, then I assume I will have to log in with the original manufacturer's password and then reset the SSID and admin p/w as well as the p/w for device access to the ones I had before to avoid resetting all of the wireless devices.  Assume that the active wireless and ethernet devices will then reconnect automatically.



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5 years ago

Delete them from where?  The gateway's device list?  If they are no longer active and you know that why do you care?  If they are no longer active then rebooting the gateway (pull plug for 15 secs. and let it fully reboot) will clear them out of the device list.  Or the 5268 device list page should have a button to recreate the device list table.


In addition, if they are wifi connections that you no longer want to allow and not yours then you will need to change the wifi ssid password(s) in your gateway.

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4 years ago

I found an easily solution to resetting the list so only current devices show up (basically prunes inactive devices) and gave the steps in this answer. I don’t think there’s a way to remove them individually, but I hope it helps!


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3 years ago

davisengeler, your link is 404.  

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