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Mon, Jan 27, 2020 4:08 PM

Pace 380/3801 no longer supported

I have been a loyal, long time customer of AT$T and upgraded from AT$T dial up to AT$T U-verse in Dec of 2012. I have the longer longer supported Pace 3800/3801 internet gateway.

Why am I not offered an replacement modem?


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a month ago

unfortunately being a "loyal" customer means nothing. being a high value client, like someone or company who spends and maybe plans to spend lots of money continously for a service or product will have more priority in the corporate world. best thing we can do is call customer service, go thru the bull of automated call centers and see what they ( company) is willing to do, as customers we can either take it or leave it.. fustrating i know..

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a month ago

Your paying an equipment fee... likely $7?

If yes, there should be no problem requesting a replacement.

If you were scheduled for internet only or internet voip in 2012, should have been a 3600, if the tech did not have a 3600 would have installed the 3800 or 3801. You would have paid $100 for the equipment with a 12 month warranty. The company quite selling gateways January 2015... thus if desire to replace a purchased unit would not be charged the equipment fee... currently $10 a month,.

Again calling and asking for a replacement will resolve this. Your monthly billing would increase. Could ask to speak to RETENTIONS (Customer Loyalty) to enter into a new 12 month promotion if not currently receiving any discounts.

Note that current models require connection on the DSL port, GREEN... if you service is being provided on a coax connection (Diplexer install) you will need to be rewired with cat5e instead of coax. This would be a billable service call ($99). Take a look at the back of your gateway, GREEN port in use?

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