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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 4:05 AM

Pace 3801HGV

I have had this gateway for at least five years.  My internet randomly shuts down daily.  Today it shut down twice and restarts in about 10 minutes.  I am wondering if I can get this gateway upgraded by AT&T.  It is very bothersome, especially during sporting events.

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3 months ago

800-288-2020 to request an upgraded gateway…

Do you have Uverse IPTV service?

If yes, do you have one or more receivers on coax connection?

If needing a gateway with coax need the Pace 5268, if no coax needed then the BGW-210.

The 3801 is a single pair VDSL gateway, your address may be eligible for a faster speed, if interested will require a new installation for bonded pair service. Tech appointment taking two hours on average.

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3 months ago


Quite a bit longer I suspect.  While you're waiting for Att to send a replacement, try a factory reset on the one you have there. 

FWIW, do you recall if Att ever sent any communication on updating your gateway?

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3 months ago

I have used the reset button on the back.  But, it still annoying to have disrupted service.  I dont know how to update the gateway.

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