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Tue, Jun 11, 2019 6:43 AM

Own Router behind BGW210-700

Recently switched from cable internet to AT&T fiber.  Have own Sonicwall SOHO router with many settings I do not want to change.  Want to use the BGW210-700 as a 'modem-only' (to the extent possible).  Have experimented with the IP Passthrough mode of the BGW.  Successfully saw the WAN port in the Sonicwall get my public IP…. So far cannot get internet access on Sonicwall behind the BGW.



Router IP static Mask

Public IP…. assigned by DHCP Mask

DNS & 61

DHCP range -


BGW (mainly defaults):

IP: Mask:

DHCP range -

Public Subnet off

Cascaded Router off

IP Passthrough Allocation Mode=passthrough


Passthrough Fixed MAC address (my Sonicwall's WAN MAC)

Passthrough DHCP lease 10 minutes


Can you find any errors in the above set up?  If I need to make private IP address changes, please tell me the changes needed on the  BGW.  I prefer to make as few changes as possible on the Sonicwall.  Thanks!!


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a year ago

solved, changed DNS in the SonicWALL to a public DNS.