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Wed, Jan 8, 2020 4:29 PM

Output of packets to port 5222 with Pace 5286 gateway "normal" with no obvious possible source?

Seeing a lot of dropped packets in the firewall log output to port 5222 even

while the power was off to everything on the LAN side of the gateway. Wi-Fi

is disabled at the gateway. The Display Filter must be set at "debug or higher"

for these to be visable. The source IP appears to be one in the range

of the Private Network DHCP IP addresses allocatable by the gateway.

Destination is to various IPs, some of them are "amazonaws". PROTO=tcp for these.

All of the outputs to port 5222 have LEN=60 and TTL=63. They seem to happen at
intervals varying about 10-15 minutes apart, in sets of about 2-8 at a

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2 y ago

Any luck with this? I have a similar question and have not been able to get help so far.




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No, no response from anyone.

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