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Sat, Mar 9, 2019 11:35 PM

No matter what is done, ATT Uverse net keeps dropping out

Resetting the modem doesn't work anymore, either manually or online. Have had 2 different people come and fix something but it didn't work. My net keeps dropping out and it's infuriating. Either it's the Ariss modem or ATT needs to fix their lines/system. I need my net for communication and job hunting. I can't even watch anything as the net keeps dropping out every few minutes. It was fine until a few months ago with random but rare drop outs and has progressively gotten worse. As I've typed this, it's dropped out 4 times. This is ridiculous. I've been a loyal customer from day 1 and have had no real issues until this started. I'd hate to have to switch to Charter cuz ATT doesnt seem to want to fix their hardware let alone keep their customers [happy]. This doesn't look like good business practices... 


Come on guys! I've been happy with you so far, but becoming very....taxing on the patience. 


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a month ago

Wondering if you were ever able to resolve this... it's happening to me now. Did you find a solution?


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