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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 5:09 PM


Good afternoon, I am a new customer to AT&T and Direct TV. I switched from Comcast trying to save some money and it has been a nightmare ever since considering that I have only had service since Friday 13th and today is Tuesday the 17th. I had both services installed same day. My AT&T wifi and home service were very slow and my fax and scanner were not working since day 1.Also I could not see all 5 TV's at the same time we would get an error and had to shut 3 tvs to see 2 total. I have been watching 5 tv's for 12 years with Comcast. To make a long story short I called to cancel since the retention center could not help me. I asked for Management and the person I spoke with can not remember his name since I was so furious all I remember is that he had a big southern accent , he told me sorry maa'm nothing we can do it is your choice if you want to cancel service other wise you must pay to upgrade your system . (Remember I am a NEW cust. and just got this NEW installation and nothing is working). I was told if I cancel I had to pay $300.00 dollars to DirecTV. Anyway after 6 hrs YES 6 hours calling back and using my work time to do this,I finally spoke to someone in customer service that had some sense and explained to me that there was something wrong w my system and I did not need an upgrade all I need was technical support to get and fix my issues. I am extremely disappointed I can not wait for this contract to be over and go back to Comcast. I am so unhappy. I really wish upper management would understand the frustration that I had to go thru as a NEW Customer. I am alos writing letters and emails and hopefully someone will listen and help make situations like this better for us paying customers!


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