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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 8:38 PM

Need a new DSL Modem router

Can't find a replacement Modem Router anywhere, how can I order a replacement from AT&T and are they available in stock?


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a month ago

What unit are you trying to replace....

If you have a previously purchased model, commonly sold units were the 3600, 510 and 5031 before January 2015, replacement will incur a new monthly equipment charge. If already paying a monthly charge, call 800.288.2020 asking for a replacement to be shipped. You will have several weeks during which time need to return the existing gateway.

Note if you have the indoor unit i38HG for the 3812 iNID (installed from 2011 to late 2013), will need a tech dispatch to upgrade to a different unit.

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22 days ago

Depends on your local area. Contact AT&T and work the phone tree.

My local group has a dozen or so left.

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