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Tue, Dec 24, 2013 2:45 AM


1) I've been reading the multiple posts on the forum about multiple xbox's in one house (including somejoe's detailed solution).  Many posts reference NAT and Strict/Moderate/Open.  I've never seen the words Strict/Moderate/Open on the gateway webpage.  Is it a user setting that I can control through the router or is a status that is derived from some other setting.  If it is router status display is it based upon some configuration from the xbox?


2) I've read enough to know that I can't have an xbox one and xbox 360 online at the same time but since I only have one gamer and he can't be on two systems at once is it possible to set it up so both systems would work as long as they are at different times.  (I'm assuming the answer is no which means that everytime he wants to play the "other" xbox I would have to go into the Uverse gateway settings and reassign the gaming pinhole to the "other" xbox".  (I'm not sure if this makes a difference to the answer but my gateway is the Motorola NVG589)






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4 years ago

I'm having issues, irregularly, when communicating with other while gaming on my PC. I need to change my NAT settings to open is the my question is why and how do I do this?



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2 years ago

Has anyone helped you with this issue? If we can’t get an open NAT, I’m afraid we will have to find another internet provider

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