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Fri, Jun 14, 2019 7:18 AM

Nat type Strict, how to change it to Moderate or Open? Behind a router from my ISP.

Hi. I'm having a Nat type strict, checked using the Xbox networking method on Win10 (Settings---Gaming---Xbox Networking).

Firstly, the problem I suspect, is I'm behind a router from my ISP. as my normal setup (ISP cable to my Wan port) I see the status page, and I have a Wan IP of 192.168.254.X I tried the following:

- Set the router as bridge mode (Give new lan IP same as ISP 192.168.254.X (before it was 192.168.0.X) and disable DHCP), still Nat strict.

- Set router as bridge mode (Give new lan IP and disable DHCP) and put laptop's IP as DMZ, still Nat strict.

Is the only solution left is to a buy static IP from ISP? and after buying one what should I do? call them? Sorry I never bought a static IP before.


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9 months ago

Hi @scorpion123,


Thanks for reaching out to our community and Forums page! To get started, please view this article on how to Configure IP Passthrough and DMZ. Also, here's some tips with step by step instructions.

Hope this helps!

Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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