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Monday, July 9th, 2018 12:46 AM

NAT and UPnP setting on my router

Hi! I've noticed that I am now unable to join or initiate any online multiplayer games on my Xbox One. When I go to my network setting on the Xbox, my NAT is moderate and my UPnP is unsuccessful. After lots of googling, I figured out how to open up my IP web-based configuration panel (?). When I try to IP passthrough my Xbox One and it's IP address, I get the notification that another client has the SDB write lock. I do not know what this means or how to change it, but I do have access to all the account information if I'm able to overwrite that. I had read somewhere that ATT no longer allows UPnP, because it can cause breakthroughs in the firewall and is overall insecure. If this is something that I can actually fix on my own, I would love the information to be able to fix it and if it's something that ATT no longer allows at all, I would love to know that. I was not made aware of any changes to ATT's UPnP settings and I used to be able to play online multiplayer without issue. 

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5 years ago

Hello @karalouwho,

Let’s get you back to your gaming!

We have a forums thread about UPnP, dealing with firewall settings posted by other users
that may help.

However, according to my research, you should be able to connect without having any issue, though the culprit might be that another client has a SDB write lock, like you mentioned.

Based on what model router you have, I would reset it to factory settings and see if this
resolves your issue.

Please let me know If this helped and you were able to connect.

Mihai, AT&T Community Specialist

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